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Year 2005, 5250 Hours, 6 Cylinder Turbo Engine, Manual Transmission, 2 Spools, Pickup Hitch, Air Brakes, Kleber 460/85R38 and Kleber 380/85R28 Tyre's, Front and Cab Suspension, Air Con, Radio. 

Year 2005, 4393 Hours, Firestone 340/85R24 75% and Firestone 420/85R34 75% Tyre's, 2 Spools, Pickup Hitch, 40k Manual Transmission, 540/1000 PTO, Air Con, Radio, Air Seat, Perkins 4 Cylinder Turbo Engine. 

Year 2008, 6m Hydraulic Folding, Hydraulic Drive Fan, 2 Rows Sprung Reset Cultivator Tines, 3 Rows of Auto Reset Tine Coulters, 2 Row Following Harrow, Hydraulic Markers, Pre-Em Markers, Wheel Metering. 

Amazone KG 402 power harrow, tyre packer, Q fit tines, levelling board, Amazone pneumatic AD-P402 drill, hydraulic driven fan, markers, following harrow,


We currently require an enthusiastic person to carry out a wide variety of jobs to include checking and running agricultural machinery to prepare it for retail and export, basic repairs, servicing, dismantling, loading and unloading machinery wagons and general farm maintenance. Extensive knowledge and tractor driving skills are essential. Work is 95% yard or workshop based. 

A decent remuneration package is offered to the successful candidate.

Year 1998, 4+1 5 Furrow Plough, Rear Disc, Land Wheel, Skimmers, Shearbolt, Pallet of Spares, Genuine Tidy Plough. 

Year 2005, 6348 Hours, BKT Agrimax 540/65R28 75% and Michelin 650/65R38 30% Tyre's, 3 Manual Spools, Retractable Hitch, Hydraulic Trailer Brakes, 40k Semi Powershift Transmission, 6 Cylinder Turbo Engine, 540/1000 PTO, Air Con, Radio, Air Seat. Just had £7500 Spent on Gearbox And PTO Pack Rebuild. 

Depth Wheel, Manual Vari Width, Shear Bolt, Adjustable Skimmers, Good Metal. 

Year 2013, 6795 Hours, Michelin IF600/70R30 20% and Michelin IF 710/70R42 30% Tyre's, 4 Electric Spools, ISOBUS, Bill Bennett Retractable Hitch, Front and Cab Suspension, Front Linkage and 1 Spool, 65k Vario Transmission, 540e/1000/1000e PTO, Air Seat, Radio, Climate Control. 

2.7m Working Width, Press Arm's, Crumbler Press, 2.1m Wide. 

Clock Showing 5467 Hours, Ford 6 Cylinder Engine, Rear Linkage, Hitch, Angle Dozer Unit Blade. 

4 Furrow Sher Bolt, Rear Disc, 4+1 Spare Furrow, Trelleborg 200/95-12 Depth Wheel, Adjustable Skimmers. 

Year 1984, Kleber 360/70R24 and Kleber 420/85R34 Tyre's, 2 Spools, Pickup Hitch, PTO, Adjustable Dishes, 4 Cylinder Turbo Engine, Manual Dual Power Transmission, Tidy Original Tractor For Age. 

Stocks Dual Wheels c/w 20.8R42 Goodyear and 480/70R30 Tyre's 

Year 2004, 9145 Hours, Ceat 420/85R24 and Firestone 460/85R38 Tyre's, 3 Spools, Retractable Hitch, Hydraulic Trailer Brakes, 40k Powerquad Transmission, 540/540e/1000 PTO, John Deere Loader c/w 3rd Service, 4 Cylinder Turbo Engine, Radio, Sunroof, Air Con. 

Michelin Axiobib IF 600/70R30 and Michelin IF 710/75R42 Wheels and Tyre's to Fit John Deere 8000R. 

Showing 1344 Hours, Trelleborg 600/55R26.5 and Bridgestone 215/65R16 Tyre's, 3 Cylinder Diesel Engine, Hitch, Linkage, PTO, Tipping Spool.  

8 Stud, 220mm Centres, 75%

10 Stud 280mm Centres, 60%. 

Year 2022, 2697 Hours, 50k Autopower Transmission, Command Pro Joystick, Michelin 710/70R42 60% and Michelin 600/70R30 70%, Front Linkage/PTO and 1 Spool, Front and Cab Suspension, 5 Rear Electric Spools, Air Brakes, Hydraulic Top Link, ISOBUS, 540/540e/1000 PTO, Activations: Autotrac, Basics, ISOBUS Documentation, In Field Data Sharing, Row Sense, Section Control, Tractor Implement Automation, Tidy Tractor. 

Year 2017, 10 Stud, 100mm or 300mm Offset, 280mm Centre. 

Showing 4358 Hours, 4 Speed, Rear Linkage, 6 Cylinder Engine. 

8 Stud, 220mm Centres, 180mm or 170mm Offset. 

Year 2016, 8122 Hours, BKT IF 600/70R30 70%, BKT 650/85R38 75% Tyre's, 4 Electric Spools, Air Brakes, ISOBUS, Retractable Hitch, Front and Cab Suspension, Front Linkage/PTO and 2 Spools, E23 Powershift Transmission, Autosteer Activated, Radio, Air Seat, Climate Control. 

MB Trac Rims: 11x28, 8 Stud, 220mm Centres, Adjustable Dishes, 770mm Diameter. £50 Per Wheel

JCB Rims, 15x28, 5 Stud, 290mm Centres, 770mm Diameter, 140mm or 270mm Offset. £90 Per Wheel. 

2318 Hours, Hydraulic Tilt Snow Plough, Hydrostatic Transmission, PTO Snow Blower, Linkage, PTO, 3 Spools. 

10 Stud, 280mm Centres, 120mm or 220mm Offset. 

Year 2014, 6802 Hours, Ceat 480/70R28 and GRI 520/85R38 Tyre's, 3 Manual Spools, Retractable Hitch, Hydraulic Trailer Brakes, Front and Cab Suspension, 40k Autoquad Transmission, 540/540e/1000 PTO, Sun Roof, Radio, Air Con, Air Seat. 

8 Stud, 240mm or 140mm Offset, 140mm Centres. 

Year 1996, 6622 Hours, Alliance 540/65R28 and Michelin 650/65R38 Tyre's, 3 Spools, Retractable Hitch, Hydraulic Trailer Brakes, Perkins 6 Cylinder Turbo Engine, 10x37.5kg Weights, 40k Dynashift Transmission, 540/1000 PTO, Radio, Air Con. 

Year 1984, 5579 Hours, 40k Transmission, Mercedes Benz 6 Cylinder Turbo Engine, 3 Spools and 3 Front Spools, Rear Linkage, 18.4-34 Firestone, 18.4-34 Michelins, Very Tidy Example.

14.9R46 - 8 Stud, 220mm Centres, 150mm or 200mm Offset

11.2R36 - 10 Stud, 280mm Centres, 80mm or 200mm Offset. 

Showing 753 Hours, Hydraulic Front Blade/Hydraulic Tilt, Good Tracks, Rear 3 Point Linkage, PTO, 3 Spools, Kubota 4 Cylinder, Hydrostatic Transmission. 

14.9R30 - 10 Stud, 280mm Centres, 25%, 14.9R46 - 8 Stud, 220mm Centres, 20%. 

Year 2015, 7808 Hours, 40k Autopower Transmission, Front Linkage and PTO, Michelin Machxbib 710/70R38 60% and Michelin 600/65R28 40% Tyre's, Front and Cab Suspension, 4 Electric Spools, Retractable Hitch, Hydraulic Top Link, Load Sensing Power Beyond, ISOBUS, Starfire 3000 Receiver, Autotrac Unlocked Auto Steer. 

Pair of 10 Stud, 30% Tread, 410mm or 170mm Offset, 290mm Centres. 

Year 2017, 7081 Hours, 50k Powershift Transmission, 4 Manual Spools, Retractable Hitch, Goodyear 520/70R38 and Kleber 480/65R28 Tyre's, 4 Cylinder Turbo Engine, Creeper Box, Air Brakes, Radio, Air Con, Air Seat, 540/540e/1000e/1000 PTO, Front and Cab Suspension. 

480/80R46: 85% Tread, 10 Stud, 280mm Centres

16.9R30: 1% Tread, 12 Stud, 370mm Centres. 

To Fit Magnum Tractor 

Year 1995, 10432 Hours, Continental 420/85R24 and Continental 460/85R38 Tyre's, 3 Manual Spools, Retractable Hitch, Hydraulic Trailer Brakes, Adjustable Wheel Dishes, 540/540e/1000 PTO, 6 Cylinder Turbo Engine, Air Con, Radio, Tidy Genuine Tractor. 

Nav III Controller, Year 2023, £2500. 

480/80R42: 147mm Centres, 200mm Stud Diameter, 8 Stud, 420/85R28: 10 Stud, 280mm Centres, 334mm Stud Diameter. Fit Massey Ferguson Or Claas 

7360 Hours, BKT 11.00-16 and Alliance 520/85R38 Tyre's, 2 Spools, Linkage, PTO, Fixed Hitch, 6 Cylinder Turbo Engine, Radio, Sunroof. 

Used 300/95 R46 Rowcrop wheels, Taurus tyres 2-85%, 1-60%, 1-5%, 220mm hub, 8 stud

Year 1984, 8133 Hours, Perkins 4 Cylinder Turbo Engine, Continental 340/85R38 and Pirelli 11.2R28 Tyre's, 2 Spools, Trailer Braking, Pickup Hitch, Power Steering. 

12-R24 wheels to fit JCB telehandlers, Michelin hard wear tyres 2-5% 1-Worn, 290mm hub, 5 stud

Year 2002, 5496 Hours, Goodyear 420/70R28 35% and Goodyear 520/70R38 50% Tyre's, 4 Manual Spools, Pickup Hitch, Cab Suspension, 6 Cylinder Turbo Engine, Air Con, 540/540e/1000 PTO, Power Command 18 Speed 40k Transmission. 

Used 400/55-22.5

Used 400/55-22.5 BKT flotation tyre 95%


Year 2007, 4110 Hours, Continental 360/70R24 10% and Continental 480/70R34 45% Tyre's, 2 Spools, Pickup Hitch, Hydraulic Trailer Brakes, Perkins 4 Cylinder Turbo Engine, Air Con, Radio, Air Seat. 

Wheels And Tyres

sets of wheels complete, rowcrop wheels, tyres, flotation tyres, dual wheels, all different sizes.

Year 2009, 10644 Hours, BKT 650/65R42 80% and BKT 540/65R30 80% Tyre's, Front Linkage/PTO and 1 Spool, Front and Cab Suspension, Air Brakes, 4 Electric Spools, Retractable Hitch, Manual 50k Transmission c/w Creeper Box, Radio, Air Seat, Air Con, 540/1000 PTO.  

Worn tyres *Free*

17.5 R24 Michelin x2 15.5/30 - 24 Goodyear x1

2018 Registered, 4710 Hours, Michelin IF 650/60R34 Tyre's, Continental Rowtrac's, Front Linkage, Front Suspension, 5 Electric Spools, ISOBUS, 40k CVT Transmission, Fixed Hitch, Cat 4 Linkage, Power Beyond, FPT Engine, AFS Pro 700 Monitor, Hydraulic Trailer Brakes, Leather Air Seat, Radio.  

Year 2016, 6 Rotor Tedder, PTO Drive, Hydraulic Fold, Height Adjustment, Tidy Tedder. 

Year 1990, 11081 Hours, 4 Spools, PTO, Linkage, Drawbar, 10 Speed Powershift Transmision,6 Cylinder Turbo Engine, Air Con, Good Tracks and Running Gear. 

Adjustable Height, Rear Gates, Fold Down Tines, PTO Drive. 

Year 2017, 8997 Hours, Michelin 600/70R28 and Michelin 650/85R38 Tyre's, 4 Electric Spools, Retractable Hitch, Power Beyond, ISOBUS, Air Brakes, 50k Autopower Transmission, TLS and Cab Suspension, Front Linkage and 1 Spool, Section Control, Date Sync, Autotrac Unlocked. 

Year 2017, 2225 Engine Hours, 1264 Chopper Hours, Pro Drive Hydrostatic Transmission, 13.5L Power Tech 6 Cylinder Twin Turbo Engine, Duraline Package, Guidance Ready, Additive Tank, 800/70R38 Mitas 80% and 620/70R30 80% Tyre's, 4wd, 639 3m Header, 56 Knives Selectable 48 or 24 Knives, Climate Control, Radio, Air Seat, Good Condition. 

Year 1980, 4030 Hours Genuine Hours, Never Had a Night Outside, 4 Cylinder Engine, Alliance 10.5/80-18 and Kleber 13.6R38 Tyre's, 1 Spool, Pickup Hitch, Cab Fan/Heater, Manual 30k Transmission. 

Model Year 2020, BKT 400/55-22.5 Flotation Tyre's, PTO Drive, Hydraulic Folding, Skid Plates, Belt Feed, Pickup Reels. 

Year 1989, 4819 Hours, Alliance 11.2-24 and Alliance 16.9R28 Tyre's, Pickup Hitch, 1 Spool, Genuine Tractor, Manual Transmission. 

Year 2023, 2.7m Working Width, Side Arm Topper, PTO Drive, New Unused. 

Year 2017, 193 Hours, Trimble TMX 2050 Display, Trimble AG25 Receiver, TM-200, RTX Ready, Can Be Unlocked To RTK, Removed From Fendt 939. 

Year 2019, Hydraulic Folding, Front and Rear Mounted, 3 Rotor Decks, PTO Drive, 7.5m Work Width, LED Lights, Good For Legume Mix Topping. 

Year 2002, 8110 Hours, Mitas 340/85R38 80% and BKT 340/85R38 90% Rowcrops, 540/65R30 Firestone Flotation Tyre's, 2 and 4 Wheel Steer, 2000L 24m Demount Sprayer, Stainless Induction Hopper, Air Brakes, 4 Manual Spools. 

Year 2019, 540 PTO, Hydraulic Side Fold, 3.1m Working Width, 8 Disc Bed, Bolt on Blades. 

Year 2016, 8060 Hours, 520/70R34 Trelleborg and 380/70R24 Continental Tyre's, Kubota 4 Cylinder Turbo Engine, Powershift Transmission, 540/1000 PTO, 2 Spools, Radio, Air Con, Air Seat, Hydraulic Trailer Brakes, Retractable Hitch. 

Year 2022, Full Width Roller, Heavy Duty Grass Flails, Stone Guards, Hydraulic Push Out, Hydraulic Pivot Head, 2m Work Width, Very Little Use, Good Order. 

Year 2002, Genuine 4743 Hours, 65k Smoothshift Transmission, 4 Manual Spools, BKT 540/65R30 Tyre's, Air and Oil Brakes, ABS, Pickup Hitch, Air Seat, Radio, Air Con, 540/1000 PTO. Nice Tidy Genuine Tractor, Good Mechanically. 

Approx 9.6 Meter Working Width, Weight 4.5 Tonnes, 385/65R22.5 Super Singles, 10 Stud Axles, Hydraulic Folding, Hydraulic Brakes, Grease-able Bearings. 

Year 2002, Approximately 10000 Hours, Good Tracks and Running Gear, 4 Manual Spools, Rear Linkage, PTO, Drawbar, Cat 6 Cylinder Turbo 340hp Engine, John Deere Motorised Steering Wheel and Wiring Loom, Powershift Transmission, Radio, Air Seat, Air Con. 

Year 2021, Weight Cells, Comfort Turbo Straw Blower, PTO Drive, 435/50R19 Tyre's, 8 Stud Twin Axle, Front and Rear Discharge, Weight Screen, Twin Auger, Good Condition, 2 Speed. 

Year 2012, 5622 Hours, Bridgestone VF 540/65R34 and Ceat 650/65R42 Tyre's, Retractable Hitch, 6 Cylinder Turbo Engine, 5 Electric Spools, Air Brakes, ISO BUS, Power-beyond, Front Linkage and 1 Spool, Front and Cab Suspension, 50k Powershift Transmission, I Monitor, Radio, Air Seat, Air Con. 

Year 2016, To Fit John Deere 8000 Series, 8 Row Maize Header, Tidy Condition. 

Year 2008, 10010 Hours, Linlong 540/65R30 and Linglong 650/65R42 Tyre's, 50k Power Command Transmission, Air Brakes, Sauermann Retractable Hitch, 4 Manual Spools, Front and Cab Suspension, Radio, Air Con, Air Seat. 

To Fit John Deere 8000 Series Forager, Good Condition. 

30hp Engine, 7 Person Boat, EX-Fire Service, Yamaha Four Stroke Petrol Engine, Inflatable Sides, Trailer c/w Winch, Rear Light Board.  

Year 2020, Only Done 5 Acre From New, Hydraulic Side Shift, Heavy Duty Grass Flails, 2.7m Work Width, 540 PTO, Stone Guards, Full Width Roller, Nice Tidy Order, Genuine Reason For Sale. 

Year 2004, 7200 Hours, Perkins 6 Cylinder Turbo Engine, 40k Power Syncron Transmission, 2 Spools, Pickup Hitch, Goodyear 460/85R38 50%, BKT Agrimax 380/85R28 5%, Air Con, Radio, Air Seat, 540/1000 PTO. 

Year 11/2022, Bolt on JCB Brackets, Hydraulic Belt Feed, Hydraulic Opening Door, Horizontal Rotor. 

Greenstar Starfire 3000 Receiver SF1 Unlocked. 

Year 2009, Rear Steer, Vredestein 620/40R22.5 Flotation Tyre's, 10 Stud Axles, 1.6m Pickup Reel, 220l Additive Tank, Very Good Rotor, Hydraulic Drawbar, PTO Drive, Auto Grease, Hydraulic Floor Chains, Hydraulic Rear Door, LED Lights. 

Year 1969, 18.4R38 and 7.50-18 Tyre's, PAVT Wheels, PTO, Linkage, 4 Cylinder Turbo Engine, 3 Spools. 

Ver Good Condition,  3.80 to 4.75 Working Width, 13 Tine Arms With 4 double Tines Per Arm, Removable Tine Arms For Transport, Tandem Bogey Axle, Width Adjustable Sprung Curtain, Manual Height Adjustment, Tidy Rake, 

Approx 1958, Non Turbo, Shot Blasted And Resprayed, New Brake Bands, New Magneto In Pony Engine, New Starter Motor On Pony Engine, 13.7 litre , 4 Cylinder Engine All Fluids Recently Changed. Instruction Book. Tool Carrier Not Included, 

Year 2012, 520/50-17 Trelleborg Flotation Tyre's, Hydraulic Folding, Hydraulic Brakes, PTO Drive, 2 Point Linkage Mounted, Hydraulic Push Out Rotors, Depth Wheels. 

Year 2004, 9747 Hours, 40k Powershift Transmission, 4 Electric Spools, Linkage, PTO, Drawbar, Camplast 24 inch Tracks, 16x45kg Weights, Air Seat, Climate Control, Radio. 

Euro Loader Brackets, Hydraulic Cutter. 

Year 2016 Nav III Controller, Trimble AG 25 Receiver, Frequency Range Antenna, Various Wires.  

Year 2018, 9m Working Width, 12 Row, Hydraulic Folding, Rotating Knives. 

Come Off a Fendt 724 With Only 4400 Hours, Year 2014, Hook and Drawbar, Hitch Release Cable, Hydraulic Pipes. 

Year 2011, PTO Drive, Hydraulic Rear Door, 8 Stud Axle, 385/55R22.5 Super Singles, Hydraulic Floor Chains, Control Box. 

Year 2001, Approx 7500 Hours, Very Good Tracks, Idlers, Clear Hubs, Breaking For Spares, With 2 x Broken Engine`s, Rear Linkage, Pto, Drawbar, Cab, Hydraulic Pumps, Exhaust. 

Year 2015, Front Or Rear Mounted, Hydraulic Side Shift, Full Width Roller, Stone Guards, Heavy Duty Flails, 540 PTO. www, 

Year 2005, 4 Meter Working Width, Hydraulic Lift And Fold, 26 X 12.00 x12 Wheels, Spoon Type Flails, Full Width Rear Rollers.

Case Quadtrac 9380 for Breaking, Front Axle, Drive Shafts, Steering Rams, Bonnet etc, Hydraulic Pipes.

Year 2018, 540 PTO, Hydraulic Folding, High Crop Flow Impeller, 2.4m Working Width, 6 Disc Mower, Good Order. 

Year 2014, 9753 Hours, Front and Cab Suspension, Front Linkage/PTO and 1 Spool, Cultore 420/85R28 80% and Michelin 20.8R38 35% Tyre's, ISOBUS, 4 Electric Spools, 50k Auto Command Transmission, Air Brakes, Sauermann Retractable Hitch. 

540 PTO, 4.5m Working Width, Hydraulic Folding, Hydraulic Lift/Lower, Manual Depth Adjustment. 

Year 1996, 3300 Hours, Perkins 6 Cylinder Turbo Engine, Firestone 650/75R32 and Trelleborg 500/60-26.5 Tyre's, 3D Sieves, 5 Straw Walker Combine, Straw Chopper, Hydrostatic Transmission, C540 Auto Contour Header. 

Year 2014, 540 PTO, Front or Rear Mounted, Hydraulic Side Shift, Full Width Roller, Spoon Flails, 2.8m Working Width. 

Year 2007, 3289 Engine Hours, 2234 Rotor Hours, Kleber 500/70R24 and Galro 800/65R32 Tyre's, 3D Sieves, Straw Chopper, Chaff Spreader, Cat C13 Accert Engine, Hydrostatic Transmission, Radio, Climate Control, Air Seat, 1 x Hydraulic Side Knife. 

Year 1995, 11 714 Hours, Doublecoin 20.5R25 Tyre's, Volvo Headstock, Toe Tip Bucket, Hydraulic Locking Pins/3rd Service, Auto Grease, Volvo 6 Cylinder Turbo Engine, Air Con, Boom Suspension, Radio, Immaculate Condition. 

Year 2003, 2764 Engine Hours, 2225 Rotor Hours, Goodyear 800/65R32 and Goodyear 480/70R24 Tyre's, Hydrostatic Transmission, Straw Chopper, Chaff Spreader, AFS Yield Monitor, Rotary Combine, Radio, Air Con, 22 Ft Header. Very Tidy Combine. 

Year 2017, 9.3m3 Capacity, Volvo Brackets, Hydraulic Folding, Hardox Tines. 

Year 2018, 1535 Engine Hours, 1101 Work Hours, 4wd, Mitas 800/70R38 and Mitas 500/80R28 Tyre's, 22ft Varifeed Header, Straw Chopper, Chaff Spreader, Self Levelling Sieves, Hydrostatic Transmission, Cruise Control, Intelliview IV Monitor, FPT Teir 4b Engine, Climate Control, Radio, Air Seat. 

Year 2019, 231 Hours, 129 Loads, 2 Speed Hydrostatic Transmission, Self Loading Filling Scoop, Mixing and Unloading 2 way Barrel, Kohler 3 Cylinder Engine, 2ws, Water Pump. 

Year 2016, Approximate 1500 Hours, 4WD, 800/70R38 Tyre's, Straw Chopper, Chaff Spreader. 

Year 2018, 4302 Hours, 2 Speed Tracking, Blade, Slewing Ram, Hydraulic Quick Hitch c/w 3rd Service, Kubota 4 Cylinder Turbo Engine, Air Con, ECO Mode, Tidy Machine. 

Year 1993, 3956 Engine Hours, 3177 Drum Hours, Continental 800/65R32 and 420/85R24 Tyre's, 6 Straw Walker Combine, Chaff Spreader, Straw Chopper, Hydrostatic Transmission. 

4689 Hours, Good Tracks, Hydraulic Tipping, Auto Release Tail Gate, Komatsu 4 Cylinder Engine, Hydrostatic Transmission. Drives Very Well. 

Year 2003, Iveco 4 Cylinder, Hydrostatic Transmission, Hydraulic Folding Walkway/Box Space, Easy Roll Roof Sheet, Alliance 12.4R28 Tyre's, Box Holders, Box Holders, Hydraulic Cutting Knife. Very Good Condition. 

Year 2008, 2755 Hours, 27x8.50-15 Tyre's, Kubota 4 Cylinder Engine, 1.25m Wide Bucket, Lever Controls, Foot Peddle Boom Control, Front Aux Hydraulics. 

Year 1992, 4306 Hours, Goodyear 650/75R32 and Ozka 320/85R20 Tyre's, 6 Straw Walker, Straw Chopper, Ford 6 Cylinder Turbo Engine, Hydrostatic Transmission, Radio, Air Con. 

Year 2021, 1.3m Wide Head, 260mm Wide Brackets, 420mm Centre Pin - Centre Pin, 70mm Pins, Weight 597 KG, Chain Guards, Hydraulic Drive, Heavy Duty. Would Suit 13 -16 Tonne Machine. 

Year 2009, 3023 Engine Hours, 2223 Work Hours, Michelin 480/80R26 and Michelin 800/65R32 Tyre's, Straw Chopper, Twin Rotor, Self Levelling Combine, Hydrostatic Transmission, Command Centre, Radio, Climate Control, Air Seat. 

Year 2019, 3042 Hours, 2 Speed Hydrostatic Transmission, Boom Suspension, BKT 10-16.5 100% Fronts and Supreme 10-16.6 25% Tyre's, Perkins 4 Cylinder Engine, 4ws, 3rd Service, Radio. 

Year 2004, 2451 Engine Hours, 1983 Drum Hours, Michelin 800/65R32 and Michelin 540/65R24 Tyre's, 6 Straw Walker Combine, Straw Chopper, 6 Cylinder Turbo Engine, Hydrostatic Transmission, Radio, Air Con. 

Year 2014, 12047 Hours, Kleber 460/70R24 35% Tyre's, Pin and Cone Headstock, 3rd Service c/w Hydraulic Locking Pins, Bill Bennett Swivel Pickup Hitch, Hydraulic Trailer Brakes, 4 Cylinder Turbo Engine, Boom Ride, Air Con, Radio. 

Year 1996, 3538 Engine Hours, Hydrostatic Transmission, Mercedes 6 Cylinder Turbo Engine, Goodyear 650/75R32 and Goodyear 500/60-22.5 Tyre's, 6 Straw Walker, 3D Sieves, Straw Chopper, Air Con, Radio. 

Year 2013, Approximate 4200 Hours, Michelin 460/70R24 Tyre's, Deutz 4 Cylinder Turbo, Pickup Hitch, 2ws/4ws/Crab, 2 Speed Hydrostatic Transmission, Joystick Controls, Boom Ride, Air Con, Radio, Tidy Telehandler. 

Year 2012, John Deere and Case Trunking Brackets, Shelbourne c6000 Trolly, Good Order, Spare Parts. 

12914 Hours, Hydrostatic Transmission, Foot Peddle Steering, Very Good Tracks and Pins, 3 In 1 Bucket, Rear 3 Leg Ripper, 4 Cylinder Turbo, Tidy Condition. 

Year 1996, 4512 Engine Hours, Hydrostatic Transmission, Straw Chopper, 800/65/32 Front Tyre`s, 14.9/24 Rear Tyre`s,  262 HP 6 Cylinder Turbo Engine, Air/Con, Air Seat, Passenger Seat, 20 Foot Header. 

Year 2007, 6370 Hours, 17.5LR24 Samson 90% Tyre's, Q-Fit Headstock, 3rd Service, Pickup Hitch, 4 Cylinder Turbo Engine, Manual 4 Speed Transmission, 2ws/4ws/Crab Steer, Radio. 

3671 Hours, 12.5/80-18 and 23.1-26 Hours, Perkins 6 Cylinder Turbo Engine, Manual/Hydro Transmission, 5 Straw Walker Combine. 

Year 2016, 5966 Hours, 5 Buckets, Good Tracks and Running Gear, Slewing Ram, Kubota 4 Cylinder Engine, Quick Hitch, 3rd Service, Dozer Blade, 2 Speed Tracking. 

£6500 2050 30ft Header, £2750 Header Trailer, Very Slight Fire Damage, Wiring to Self Levelling Sensors Burnt. 

Year 2011, 5653 Hours, 4 Speed Powershift Transmission, Pin and Cone Headstock c/w 3rd Service, Camso 15.5/80-24 75% Tyre's, 4 Cylinder Turbo Engine, 2 Stage Boom, Front Levelling Ram, 2ws/4ws/Crab, 2wd/4wd, Radio, Cab Fan. 

Year 1980, 4440 Hours, 18.4R30 and 15.0/70-18 Tyre's, 5 Straw Walker, Mercedes 6 Cylinder Engine, Manual Transmission, Very Tidy, Collectors Item.  

Year 2015, 3804 Hours, 15.5/80-24 Tyre's, 4 Cylinder Turbo Engine, Hydraulic Support Legs, Q-Fit Headstock c/w 3rd Service, Code Protected, Joystick Controls, 2ws/4ws/Crab Steer. 

Laverda / New Holland, Year 1994, 3495 Engine Hours, Fiat 6 Cylinder Turbo Engine, 5 Straw Walker, 16 ft header, Straw Chopper, 24.5-32 Generals and 14.9-24 Goodyear Tyre's, Hydrostatic Transmission, Hillside Levelling Combine. 

Year 2018, Platform Extension, Hydraulic Stabiliser Legs, Upper Controls, Kubota 3 Cylinder Diesel Engine, CE Marked. 

Used Combines For Sale and Wanted

Claas, John Deere, New Holland, Massey Ferguson, take a look at our combine section on our website for full stock list.

Year 2012, 5062 Hours, Very Good Tracks, Liebherr 4 Cylinder Turbo Engine, 3rd Service, Quick Release Tefra Hitch, Rear Camera, 60cm Wide Tracks, Air Con, Radio, Joystick Controls. 

  • 12, 16, 19, 28 Tonne Capacity Options, BPW Rear Steer Axle, 710/50/26.5 BKT Flotation Tyres for Minimal Ground Compaction.
  • Can Also Be Used For Bulk Seed or Fertiliser Filling or Both With the Split Tank Option
  • Rollover Sheet, Hydraulic Folding Unloading Auger and Height Control, Hydraulic Drop Floor
  • Mechanically Very Simple.
  • Eases The Harvest Operation and Increases Combine and Trailer Productivity. 
  • Reduces Field Compaction - Ideal for Controlled Traffic Farming
  • Available as New or Used to Buy or Hire 

Year 2005, 2100 Hours, Hydraulic Side Shift Rear Trenching Chain, 2ws and 4ws, Front Blade, Front Actor c/w Front Controls, Hydraulic Support Legs, 2 Speed Hydrostatic Transmission, Forward/Reverse Chain. 

Year 2021, Hydraulic Brakes, BPW Rear Steer Axle, Trelleborg 680/55R26.5 Flotation Tyre's, Easy Sheet, Hydraulic Folding Auger, Hydraulic Adjustable Unloading Auger Height, Hydraulic Slides, Manual Bottom Hatches, Drawbar Suspension.

Year 2018, 7716 Hours, 6 Speed Powershift Transmission, Joystick Controls, 2ws/4ws/Crab, Reverse Fan, Radio, Air Con, Boom Suspension, BKT 19.5LR24 Tyre's 40%, JCB T4 4 Cylinder Turbo Engine, Pickup Hitch, Trailer Brakes, Q-Fit Headstock, Hydraulic Locking Pins and 3rd Service, 2 Stage Boom. 

Year 2014, Hydraulic Brakes, BPW Rear Steer Axle, Trelleborg 680/55R26.5 Flotation Tyre's, Easy Sheet, Hydraulic Folding Auger, Hydraulic Adjustable Unloading Auger Height, Hydraulic Slides, Manual Bottom Hatches, Drawbar Suspension. 

2020 Reg, 3889 Hours, Vredestein 500/70R24 75% Tyre's, Pickup Hitch, Kramer Headstock c/w 3rd Service and Hydraulic Locking Pins, 2 Speed Hydrostatic Transmission, Deutz 154hp 4 Cylinder Turbo Engine, Reverse Fan, Boom Ride Suspension, Air Con, Radio, Air Seat, 2ws/4ws/Crab Steer, Hydraulic Levelling Front Axle. 

Year 2000, Nokian 700/50R26.5 Flotation Tyre's, PTO Drive, Hydraulic Drive Centre Auger, Hydraulic Brakes, Hydraulic Folding Auger, Hydraulic Slides, 16 Tonne Capacity. 

Year 2019, 4827 Hours, 4 Cylinder Turbo Engine, Ascenso 15.5-25 Tyre's, Hydraulic Side Shift Tines, Hydraulic Support Legs, 4 Speed Power Shift Transmission, 2ws/4ws/Crab, Security Pin Protected, 3rd Service. 

Year 2013, 50 000 Bales, 8 Stud Axles, BKT 550/45-22.5 Flotation Tyre's, Rear Steer Axle, Compressor, 120x90 Chamber, 6 Band Baler, Load Sensing, Full Internal Referb 10 000 Bales Ago. 

Year 2014, 3412 Hours, Deutz 4 Cylinder Turbo Engine, 405/70-20 Starco Tyre's, 4 Speed Manual Transmission, Electric Forward/Reverse Shuttle, Left/Right Tipping, Roll Bar. 

Year 2013, 45000 Bales, 500/55-20 Flotation Tyre's, Auto Lube, Retractable Knives, Bale Kicker, Pickup Reel, Up To 1.6m Bales, New Belts 2 Years, Tidy Machine Runs Smooth. 

JCB Loading Shovel Quick Release Brackets, Internal Height: 1.25m, Internal Depth: 1.54m, Internal Width: 2.26m. 

Year 2013, 51726 Bales, Vredestein 620/40R22.5 Flotation Tyre's, 120x120 Chambers, 6 Band, 2m Pickup Reel, Bale Ejector, Auto Lube. 

Volvo Headstock, Internal Width 2.7m, Internal Depth 1.56m, Internal Height: 1.63m. 

Year 2003, 38944 Bale Count,  Vredsetein 15.0/55-17 Tyre's, Bale Kicker, Chain Lube, 1.8m Pickup Reel. 

Internal Height: 105cm, Internal Width: 136m, Internal Width: 258cm. 

Year 2009, 1588 Hours, 78741 Bales, 620/50R22.5 Flotation Tyre's, Rear Steer, 90x80 Chamber, 4 Band, 1.8m Pickup Reel, Tidy Baler, ISOBUS or Control Box. 

Year 2014, Q-Fit Brackets, Very Little Use, Internal Height: 114cm, Internal Width: 219cm, Internal Depth: 118cm. 

Year 2016, 14 354 Bales, BKT 15.0/55-17 Flotation Tyre's, Bale Kicker, Auto Chain Lube, Net Wrap, 4 Belt Baler, Lely E-Link Control Box. 

Various Toe Tip Buckets and 4 In 1 Buckets For Sale. 

Year 1986, Very Tidy Condition for Age, 1.7m Pickup Reel, Swing Out Drawbar, 2 Band Bales. 

Merlo Brackets, Internal Width: 2.45m, Internal Height: 1.24m, Internal Depth: 1.53m, Removable Leading Edge. 

Year 2018 Model, 1255 Hours, 30562 Bales, 500/45-22.5 Flotation Tyre's, Retractable Knives, Auto Chain Lube, Bale Kicker, 4 Belt Baler. 

Year 2005, 5349 Hours, Hydraulic Side Shift Tines, Trelleborg 16x6-8 and Trelleborg 18x7-8 Hard Tyre's, 3 Stage Boom, BP Power Plus Single Phase Electric Charger Year 2011. 

Year 2018, Air Brakes, Hydraulic Push Out 2 Stage Floor, Compactor, BKT 560/60R22.5 Flotation Tyre's, 10 Stud Axles, LED Lights, Tidy Trailer.

1000L Bunded Tanks, 1150L Bunded Tanks, 1300L Bunded Tanks, 2000 Bunded Tanks, 3000L Bunded Tanks, 5500L Bunded Tank. 

Year 2011, 560/60R422.5 Flotation Tyre's, 10 Stud Axles, LED Lights, Hydraulic Rear Door, Grain Chute, Silage Sides, Sprung Drawbar, Air and Hydraulic Brakes, Full Width Window, Internal Width: 2.25m, Internal Height: 1.37m, Internal Length: 6.64m, Internal Height With Sides: 2.29m. 

Pin and Cone Brackets, Hydraulic Squeeze 1.4m Wide. 

Year 2022, Air and Hydraulic Brakes, 10 Stud Axles, 385/65R22.5 Super Singles, Hydraulic Tipping, Hydraulic Rear Door, Sprung Drawbar, LED Lights, Very Little Use. 

ULW 3.15 Tonnes, Internal Depth: 168cm, Internal Width: 346cm, Internal Height: 147cm, Pin Measurements: Top Inside-Inside: 284mm, Top OutSide-OutSide: 400mm, Bottom Pin Width Inside-Inside: 155mm, Bottom Pin Width Outside-Outside:247mm, Bottom Pins L to R Inside-Inside: 805mm, Bottom Pins L to R Outside-Outside: 1300mm. 

Year 2014, Alliance 340/65R18, 8 Stud Axles, Easy Sheet, Grain Chute, Internal Width: 2.28m, Internal Height: 1.37m, Internal Length: 5.2m, Hydraulic Trailer Brakes. 

Leading Disc's, Auto Reset Legs, 6 Staggered Legs, Tungsten Tip Feet, 2 Rows of Disc's, Rear Packer c/w Ferobide Scrapers, 480/45-17 Flotation Tyre's, Rear Drawbar, Can Be Mounted Or Trailed. 

Year 2018, Electric or Manual Hydraulic Tipping, 165/70R13 Tyre's, 2.4m Ramps, Trailer Braking, Rear Stands, Side and Mesh Sides. 

Year 2005, 2 Rows of Tines, Hydraulic Levelling Boards, Double DD Packer, Hydraulic Folding, Flotation Tyre's, Well Built, Good Metal, Used On Our Farm Works Well. 

Year 2022, 445/65R22.5 Super Singles, 10 Stud Axles, New Chassis 2022, Air Brakes, Hydraulic Rear Door, Grain Chute, LED Lights, Sprung Drawbar. 

New Unused, DD Packer c/w Scrapers, Steering Press. 

Year 2016, Nokian 650/55R26.5 Flotation Tyre's, 10 Stud Axles, Hydraulic Rear Door, Grain Chute, LED Lights, Sprung Drawbar, Air and Oil Brakes, ABS, Mud Flaps, Full Front Window, Internal Height: 1.53m + 30cm Side Extension (One Side), Internal Width: 2.35m, Internal Length: 7.26m. 

Year 2012, 5 Auto Reset Legs, 2 Rows of Discs, Adjustable Rear Packer c/w Scrapers, Good Packer. 

Flotation Tyre's, 10 Stud Axles, Air and Hydraulic Brakes, LED Lights, Sprung Drawbar, Hydraulic Rear Door, Mud Flaps, Internal Width: 2.32m, Internal Length: 6.65m, Internal Height: 1.53m, Used On Our Own Farm. 

Year 2007, 5 Low Disturbance Metcalf Legs, Auto Reset, 3m Working Width, Good Packer, c/w Scrapers, Hydraulic Adjustable Depth Control. 

Super Single Tyre's, Hydraulic Front Support Legs, Hydraulic Drive, Sit on Platform c/w Controls, Extendable Boom, Swivel Grab. 

Year 2004, 12m Hydraulic Folding, 340/65R18 Tyre's, 22inch Rings, 4 Spoke Rings. 

Year 2011, Tri Axle, 3 Deck, Hydraulic Lifting Decks, 265/70R19.5 Twin Wheels,  Livestock Trailer, 1 Year MOT. 

Year 2021, 6 low Disturbance Legs, 2 Rows Of Scalloped Disc`s C/w Rubber Mounts, Agri-Packer C/w Scrapers, Hydraulic Depth Control. Very Good Condition.

Year 2013, 12148 Hours, Rear Linkage (no arms), Drawbar, 4 Electric Spools, Load Sensing, 4 Wheel Steer, 710/75R42 40% Tyre's, Front Linkage, Front Hydraulic Filling Arm c/w Turbo Filler, 36m Vogelslang Dribble Bar, Alliance 850/50R30.5 Flotation Tyre's, Front and Rear Steer Axle's, Front Lift Axle, Macerators, LED Lights, Year 2020 Vogelslang Pump, Air Brakes (Tested This Year). 

Year 2007, Leading Slitting Disc's, 12 Auto Reset Legs, 2 Rows of Disc's, BKT 650/55r22.5 Flotation Tyre's, Rear Packer c/w 2 Services, Hydraulic Folding. 

Year 1997, 5053 Hrs, 36 Meter Alloy Booms, 4400 Litre Tank, 710/70/38 Tyres, 2 Speed Hydrostatic Transmission, 2/4 Wheel Steer, Induction Hopper, Air Con, Air Seat, Spraymatic 2 Rate Controller, Stainless Steel Line, Renson Hydraulic Driven Pump, 6 Shut Offs, T-jet QJ360 Quad Nozzle Bodies, From A Genuine Retirement Farm Sale.

2m Working Width, Press Arm, Linkage, Good Rings, 28 Inch Rings. 

Year 2018, 609 Hours, 17058ha, Air Brakes, Steering Axle, PTO Pump, Pacer Fast Fill Pump, Muller Tank Fill Controls, Alliance 380/95R38 Rowcrop Wheels, Boom Levelling, Techneat Slug Pellet Applicator, Hypro Triplet Air Shut Off Nozzle Bodies, Left Hand Boom Damage. 

Year 2013, 16m Work Width, Beaker Rings, Hydraulic Folding, 600/50R22.5 Flotations. 

425/65R22.5 Super Single Wheels, 10 Stud Axle's, Sprung Drawbar, Man Door, Jurop PTO Pump, Spray Gun, Hydraulic Brakes. 

Year 2014, Hydraulic Folding, 12.5/80-15.3 BKT Tyre's, 24 Inch Rings, Greaseable Bearings, Good Order. 

Year 2003, 8563 Hours, 380/85R28 MRL Tyre's, 3 Fold 32m Steel Boom, Stainless Steel Induction Hopper, Twin Lines, Triplet and Single Nozzle Bodies, Hydrostatic Transmission, LH Agro 5000 Rate Controller, Top Con 7 Auto Section Control, Air Shut Off, Deutz 6 Cylinder Air Cooled Turbo Engine.  

6m Working Width, Hydraulic Folding, Bolt on Tines, Rear Tooth Packer c/w Scrapers, Rear Guards. 

Year 2015, Air Brakes, Front and Rear Forced Steering, K80 Ball Hitch, PTO Pump, Hydraulic Drawbar Suspension, Filling Arm c/w Turbo Filler, Autolube, Lift Axle, 10 Stud Axles, Vredestein 710/50R30.5 Flotation Tyre's, Rear Linkage c/w Joskin 6880 Disc Injector c/w Macerator, Nice Tidy Tanker, Joskin 200/13 SHK3 Pigtail Slurry Injector. 

4.5m Working Width, Hydraulic Folding, 6 Sherbolt Legs, 2 Rows of Disc's, Good Packer, Tungsten Tip and Wing Legs, Rear Toolbox. 

Year 2018, 5140 Hours, 1037 Spray Hours, 29881 ha, 36m VG Boom 4000l Tank, 12 Auto Section Control, Norac Auto Boom Height, Hydrostatic Transmission, Michelin 650/65R38 Tyre's, Electric Filling, Radio, Air Seat, Air Con. 

Year 2004, Hydraulic Folding, 185/65-15 Tyre's, 10m Working Width, Very Good Wet Weather Roller, Can Tow Behind Drill, Long Drawbar, Rear Hydraulic Service, Good Condition. 

Year 2006, 9047 Hours, Michelin 540/65R24 and Continental 300/85R32 Rowcrops, 24m Steel Booms, 3000L Tank, Clean Water Tank, Stainless Steel Induction Hopper, Lurmark Air Triplet Nozzles, RDS Delta 34i Controller, 4 Sections, Hydrostatic Transmission, 2ws/4ws, Air Suspension, Continental 300/85R32 Row Crops, Radio, Climate Control. 

Year 2023, New Unused, 540 PTO, Stone Guard, Tractor Linkage Mounted, 150cm Work Width. 

Year 2008, Trelleborg, 750/60R30.5 Flotation Tyre's, 10 Stud BPW Axles, Forced Rear Steering, Hydraulic Macerator, Krone Rate Controller Running Through ISOBUS, Control Box Service Controls, Joskin 6880 32SDH Disc Injector Can Be Used As Dribble Bar, Rear Linkage, LED Lights, K80 Ball Hitch, Hydraulic Drawbar, Suction Arm, PTO Pump. 

Year 2002, Hydraulic Folding, Wheel Eradicator Tines, 2 Rows of Manual Adjustable Discs c/w Hydraulic Depth Control, DD Packer c/w Scrapers Very Good Packer, 500/50-17 Tyre's, 2 Rear Hydraulic Services and Drawbar. 

Year 2021, PTO Drive, Hydraulic Ejector, 32.1-26 Mitas Flotation Tyre's, Slurry Door, Hydraulic Brakes, Twin Vertical Rotors, Auto Light Covers, LED Lights.  

Year 2012, 540/45R22.5 Flotation Tyre's, 16m Working Width, SAT System, Hydraulic Folding, Contouring Gangs, 23.5 inch Rings, Breaker Rings, Hydraulic Stand, Well Built Good Condition. 

*Choice Of Two* Year 2015 and 2014, Alliance 650/75R32 Tyre's, 10 Stud Axle, Hydraulic Slurry Door, Twin Hydraulic Bed Chains, Twin Vertical Rotors, Air and Hydraulic Brakes, PTO Drive Rotors. £13500 Each 

400/60-15.5 Flotation Tyre's, Double Rings, Hydraulic Levelling Boards, 2 Rows of Tines. 

Year 2009, 3200L Tank Capacity, 24m Boom, Michelin 710/70R38 Flotations Taurus 340/85R48 Row Crop Wheels and Tyre's, Tejet 5 Nozzle Bodies, PTO Pump, Steering Drawbar. 

2 Rows of Adjustable Tines, Hydraulic Adjustable Levelling Boards, Double DD Packer, 400/60-15.5 Flotations, Hydraulic Lift Lower, Adjustable Scrapers. 

Electronic Mass Control Weighing, Year 2019, PTO Drive, Telimat Right Hand Boarder Control, Hopper Cover, Quantron A Control Box, Very Good Condition. 

Year 2006, Twin Line Single and Triplet Nozzle Bodies, Stainless Steel Induction Hopper, Alliance 380/80R38 Tyre's, Steering Axle, PTO Pump, 28m Triple Fold Boom, Drawbar Trailed. 

1.5m Wide, Hydraulic Depth Wheels, Slitting Disc's. 

Year 2012, Sprung Drawbar, Twin Vertical Beaters, Slurry Door, Hydraulic Brakes, 620/75/34 Tyre`s 60%, Hydraulic Brakes, Hydraulic Bed Chain Tensioner, Wide Angle Pto, Tidy Spreader Good Chains And Sprockets. 

1.5m Working Width, Stone Guards, Depth Wheels, PTO Drive. 

Year 2008, Approximately 5000 Hours, 48m VG Boom, Deutz 6 Cylinder Turbo Engine, Trimble Auto Steer and 19 Section Auto Section Control, 750/60R30.5 Floatation Tyre's, Hydraulic Track Width Adjustment, Quad Nozzle Bodies, Plastic Induction Hopper, Hydrostatic Transmission, Speed Cruise Control, Air Seat, Radio, Climate Control, ONE OWNER FROM NEW. Only Used For Spraying Lawn Turf, Not Used For Last 4 Years. 

Year 2013, 2.9m Working Width, 5 Shearbolt Legs, 2 Rows of Disc's, Hydraulic Adjustable Packer c/w Scrapers, Stocks AG Precision VR Seeder, Electric Fans. 

Small Seed Or Fert Applicator, Hydraulic Fan, GPS Metering, Road Lights, Transfer Pipes. 

Year 1999, Hydraulic Lift/Lower, 11.5/80-15.3 Tyre's, Front Depth Wheels, Pivoting Legs. 

Grafton 8 Tonne Chassis, 385/65R22.5 Super Singles, 10 Stud Axles, Utile MD220 PTO Pump, Pipe Extensions, Full Size Man Door, Sight Gauge, Storage Trays. 

11 Shakerator Legs, Hydraulic Folding, 1 Row Adjustable Disc's, DD Packer c/w Scrapers. 

Year 2002, 11000 Hours, 12/24/30m Triple Fold VG Contour Booms, 30K Hydrostatic Transmission, 6 Section Air Shut Off, Single Line With Triplet and Single Nozzles, Pacer Fast Fill Pump, 380/85R28 Row Crops 80% Alliance, Trelleborg 680/55R26.5 Floatations, John Deere 6.8L 170HP 6 Cylinder Turbo, LH Agro Flow Meter.  

Year 1993, 4.75m Working Width, Crumbler Packer Roller, Linkage Mounted, Good Blades, 2 Rows Self Drive Blades. 

PTO Pump, 400l Tank, Manual Fold 4m Working Width. 

Year 2012, 12 Low Disturbance Tungsten Tip Subsoiler Legs, Hydraulic Folding, Single Row Serated Discs, Hydraulic Adjustable Depth Discs, Gutler Packer Roller c/w Scrapers, LED Lights. 

42 BFS Fert Dribble Bar, 4 Stream Nozzles, To Fit Lurmark 01290 Nozzle Bodies, £5 Per Nozzle. 

Year 2008, 22 Inch Scalloped Disc's c/w Manual Angle Adjustment, 16 Terra-Grip Sprung Legs, Spare Set of Low Disturbance Legs Included Also, Hydraulic Lift and Fold, 700/50/22.5 Flotation Wheels, DD Packer c/w Scrapers.

Parmamotori 0.9kw Motor, 70 Litre Tank. 

Year 2018, 6m Working Width, 12 Shear bolt Legs, Leading Slitting Discs, Adjustable Depth Wheels, Adjustable Scrapers, DD Packer c/w Scrapers, Hydraulic Folding, Front Depth Ram, MRL 560/60R22.5 Flotations, Hydraulic Brakes/Lights/Marker Boards, 50cm Leg Spacing, Tidy machine. 

Year 1999, 6391 hours, hydrostatic, Lh agro 4000 rate controller, air/con, air seat, radio, 2/4 wheel steer, 2/4 wd, 700/50/26.5 flotation wheels, stainless steel lines, induction hopper, 3300 litre tank, iveco 6 cylinder turbo engine, hynson hydraulic driven pump, clean water tank, tank wash, 12.4/32 wheels. 

5 Shearbolt Legs, 700mm Leg Spacing, Steel Wedge Packer C/w Scrapers, Hydraulic Lift/Lower, 385/65/22.5 Super Single Tyre`s, 

Bateman Hi-Lo 24M Self-Propelled Sprayer

Year 1995, 9524 hours, hydrostatic transmission, 2000 litre tank, 24 meter booms c/w stainless steel line and single nozzle heads, induction hopper, hydraulic driven pump, john deere 4 cylinder turbo engine, rate controller, tested until 9/4/19, starts runs and drives well.


Year 2008, 3.6m Working Width, 450mm Applicator Pipe Spacings, PTO Driven, Electric Fan Driven Applicator, Wheel Metering. 

Matrot M44D 36M Self Propelled Sprayer

Year 1997, 5044 hrs, 36 meter alloy booms, 4400 litre tank, 710/70/38 tyres, 2 speed hydrostatic transmission, 2/4 wheel steer, induction hopper, air/con, air seat, spraymatic 2 rate controller, stainless steel line, renson hydraulic driven pump, 6 shut offs, T-jet QJ360 quad nozzles, tested until 26/8/16.A very genuine machine from a genuine retirement farm sale.


6 meter Quivogne TineMaster

6 meter working width, hydraulic folding, 9 legs, auto reset, two sets of discs, wearing parts good, ready for work

2 Rows of Auto Reset Loosener Legs, 2 Rows of Coulters, Rear Press Wheels, Following Harrow, Wheel Metering, Depth Wheels, Hydraulic Fan, Bout Markers. 

Year 2011, 1.75m Wide, Linkage Mounted, Hydraulic Angle Tilt, Bolt on Blade Edge, Sprung Reset Blade. 

Year 2018, Hydraulic Folding, Hydraulic Reset Legs, Low Disturbance Subsoiler Legs, Staggered Press Wheels, Auto Reset Duck Foot Coulters, Seed Press Wheels, Following Harrow, Pre Em Markers, Coulter Blockage Sensors, Hydraulic Fan, Grain Fert and Small Seed Applicator.  

Year 2018, 606 Hours, Kubota 4 Cylinder Engine, 3 Air Ports, 155R13 Tyre's, Trailer Braking, Tidy Compressor. 

Shear Bolt Legs, Duck Foot Coulters, 7.00-12 BKT Depth Wheels, Levelling Paddles, Following Harrow, Bout Markers, GPS Speed, Hydraulic Fan, RDS Metering. 

Year 2019, Euro Brackets, 2 Tonne Rated Carriage Rail, 1.1m Long Tines, 1.22m Wide Carriage, Good Order Little Use. 

Year 2008, 4942 ha, Wheel Eradicators, 2 Rows of Hydraulic Adjustable Disc's, Hydraulic Levelling Boards, MRL 7.50-16 Press Wheels, 2 Rows of Double Disc Coulters, Press Wheels, Coulter Blockage Sensors, Bout Markers, Hydraulic Fan, Radar Speed. 

Year 2019, Extendable Solar Panels, 20kWh battery storage, 15kVA inverter, 400 litre fuel tank, 24kVA Stephill Generator, Kubota Engine , Choice of 6 From 9000 to 12000 Hours. 

Year 2014, Leading Slitting Disc, Auto Reset Subsoiler Leg, BKT 7.50-10 Staggered Wheels c/w Scrapers, Auto Reset Coulters, Duck ft Coulters c/w Press Wheels, Following Harrow, Pre Em Markers, Bout Markers, Hydraulic Fan, Radar Speed, Coulter Blockage Sensor. 

Year 2003, 18Hp Briggs and Stratton Petrol Engine, Manual Depth Control, Full Width Roller, Y Flails. 

Year 2017, Wheel Eradicators, Quick Release Harrow Tines, Clod Board, Rubber Packer c/w Scrapers, 2 Rows of Disc Coulters, Following Harrow, Radar Speed Sensor, Hydraulic Fan, Bout Markers. 

Year 2018, Briggs + Stratton 344c Petrol Engine, Manual Adjustable Height, Manual Adjustable Offset Drawbar, Long Throttle Cable Controls, 3 Rotor Deck, 16x6.50-8 Tyre's. 

Year 2015, 3043ha, Wheel Eradicators, 2 Rows of Hydraulic Adjustable Disc's, Hydraulic Levelling Boards, 420/55-17 Staggered Press Wheels, 2 Rows of Drilling Disc's Sprung Pressure c/w Press Wheels and Harrow, Pre-Em Markers, Bout Markers, Hydraulic Fan, Coulter Blockage Sensors, Weigh Cells. 

Year 2013, 1517 Hours, Kubota 4 Cylinder Diesel Engine, Twin Air Ports, Trailer Brakes. 

Year 2020, 1269ha, Shear bolt Legs, Duck Foot Coulters and Bean Coulters, Depth Wheels, Hydraulic Fan, GPS Metering, Following Harrow, Pre-Em Markers, Bout Markers, ISOBUS, Coulter Blockage Sensors, RDS Metering Unit. 

Welfare/Rest Container, Electricity, Kitchen and Cloakroom, Anti Vandal/Theft Container. 

Year 2009, PTO Drive Hydraulic Fan, Sprung Wheel Eradicators, 2 Rows of Leading Cross Disc's, BKT 7.5L-15 Press Wheels, 700-40R22.5 Flotation Tyre's, 2 Rows of Drilling Disc's, Tungsten Tip Coulters, Rear Press Wheels, Pre-Em Markers, RDS Metering. 

Year 2014, PTO Drive, 1.3m Wide Head, Electric Joystick Controls, Left Hand Cutting, Spoon Flails, Full Width Roller, Stabiliser Brackets. 

Year 2010, 6m Converted From 6.6m Tine Drill Tool Bar Can Be Put Back To 6.6m, Sprung Reset Tines, 4 Rows of Tine Coulters, Following Harrow, Wheel Eradicators, 26x12.00 Depth Wheels, Front Tank Year 2018, 1.5 Tonne Weaving Front Tank, Hydraulic Fan, Electric RDS Metering Unit. 

Year 2016, Hydraulic Folding, Side Depth Wheels, Bout Markers, Steering Front Press c/w Front Tank, Orga Metering, GPS Speed, 20cm Row Spacing, Sprung Coulter Pressure, Adjustable Depth, Press Wheels, Covering Disc, Transfer Pipe. 

Twin Turnstile and Exits, Pass Scanner, Pincode, Roller Shutter Lockable Door, 16ftx8ft. 

Year 2012, Kuhn HR4004 Powerharrow, Clod Board, Good Tooth Packer, 3 Rows of Suffolk Coulters, Following Harrow, Bout Markers, PTO Drive Fan, Wheel Metering. 

1563 Hours, Hatz 3 Cylinder Diesel Engine, MRL 7.50-16 Tyre's, 50mm Towing Ball, Hydraulic Reel, LED Lights. 

Metering Wheel, Manual Adjustable Cross Disc's, 2nd Row Straight Slitting Disc, 12 Shearbolt Low Disturbance Subsoiler Legs, 50cm Leg Spacing, 25cm Coulter Spacing, Press Wheels c/w Scrapers, Stocks Applicator, Twin Fenix Metering Split Tank. 

Linkage Mounted, 4 Planting Seats, Could Be Split into 2 Planting Machines, Wooden Hut Added in Covid-19. 

Year 2014, 3772ha, Wheel Eradicators, 2 Rows of Hydraulic Adjustable Discs, 7.50-16 Press Wheels, Double Disc Coulters c/w Press Wheel and Following Harrow, Pre-Em Markers, Bout Markers, Coulter Blockage Sensors, Hydraulic Fan. 

Hydraulic Driven, 3 Manual Levers, Hydraulic Angle, Hydraulic Knocker. 

Year 2010, 2580 Ha, Wheel Metering, 2 Rows of Front Discs, Hydraulic Folding, Trelleborg 420/55-17 Tyre's, Hydraulic Fan, 2 Rows of Drilling, Discs c/w Press Wheels, Following Harrow, Bout Markers. 

Year 2008, 3 Phase Supply, Bales Up To 500kg, Hydraulic Shut Door, Filling Hopper, 140cm x 75cm Chamber Variable Length.  

Year 2011, 12955ha, Hydraulic Adjustable System Discs, Hydraulic Levelling Boards, 2 Rows Disc Coulters, Staggered Wheels, Following Harrow, Bout Markers, Pre Em Markers, Wheel Eradicators, Hydraulic Fan, Twin Fenix Metering Units. New Drilling Discs Just Fitted, Used Ourselves, Works Well. 

Year 2005, MGW 28000 KG, Tare  3600KG, Payload 24 400 KG, £5000 Each. 

Year 2012, 744 ha, 308 Hours, 4m Hydraulic Folding, Hydraulic Fan, RDS Metering, Shear bolt Legs c/w Auto Reset Kit Tungsten Tip Points, 2 Rows of Duck Foot Coulters, 4 x Depth Wheels, Levelling Paddles, Following Harrow, Bout Markers, Stocks Small Seed Applicator For Small Seed and Fert Application. 

2500 litre bunded steel tank, 12 volt electric pump, suction hose , delivery hose and nozzle, 12.5/80/15.3 tyre`s.

Year 2021, 6m Working Width, 4 Rows of Tungsten Tip Low Disturbance Tines, Wheel Eradicators, 26x12.00-12 Tyre's, Hydraulic Adjustable Depth Wheels, Pre-Em Markers, Bout Markers, Hydraulic Fan, RDS Metering, 2 Row Following Harrow. 

Concord Amity Soil Sampler

Honda 13hp petrol engine c/w hydraulic pump and tank, electric controls for up/down and tilt, ideal for back of RTV.

Year 2011, 8713 H/a, Wheel Eradicators, 36 Low Disturbance Tine Coulters, Following Harrow, Radar, 400/50/15.5 Packer/Transport Wheels, Hydraulic Brakes, Pre Emerge Markers, Hydraulic Driven Fan, Hydrailic Lift And Fold, 4 Seed Rotors, Amatron + Control Box. Excellent Condition.

Year 2011, Wheel Metering, Staggered Wheels, Following Harrow, Pre Em Markers, Bout Markers, 2 Rows of Disc Coulters, Tungsten Tip Coulters, System Disc, Front Weight Transfer Packer. 

6m Working Width, Hydraulic Folding, Metering Wheel, RDS Electric Control Box, Vredestein 550/45R22.5 Flotation Tyre's, Leading Tyre's Press, 2 Rows of Disc Coulters, Tungsten Tip Coulters, Rear Metal Press Wheels c/w Scrapers, Bout Markers, Hydraulic Fan. 

Year 2014, Clock Showing 1747ha, 373 Hours, 620/40R22.5 Floatations, Leading Slitting Disc, Hydraulic Auto Reset Legs, Low Disturbance Subsoiler Tine, Duck Foot Coulter and Bean Coulters, Twin Press Wheels, Covering Disc, Hydraulic Fan, RDS Metering Unit, Bout Markers, ISOBUS or Control Box, Tidy Machine c/w Good Metal. 

Year 2008, Hydraulic Adjustable System Disc, Hydraulic Adjustable Levelling Boards, 2 Rows Disc Coulters, Good Disc Coulters, Staggered Wheels c/w Scrapers, Following Harrow, Pre-Em Markers, Bout Markers, Hydraulic Fan, Twin Fenix Metering. 

Year 2019 HR3004 Power Harrow and Year 2012 Combiliner Venta Drill Unit, 1000 PTO, Quick Release PowerHarrow Tines, Wheel Eradicators, Hydraulic Markers, Hydraulic Fan, Clod Board, Metal Spike Packer c/w Scrapers, 2 Rows Disc Coulters Replaced Last Year, Wheel Metering, Following Harrow, Quantron S Control Box. 

2407 Hours, Front Leading Slitting Disc's, Low Disturbance Auto Reset Subsoiler Leg, 2 Rows of Disc's, 8 600/50-27.5 Floatation Tyre's, Hydraulic Lift/Lower, 2 Rows of Moore Style Disc Coulters, Press Wheels, Hydraulic Fan, Bout Markers. 

Year 2013, Hydraulic Fan, Wheel Eradicators, Hydraulic Adjustable Levelling Boards, Adjustable Depth Wheels, Hydraulic Lift and Fold, 4 Rows Of Sprung Reset Coulters, Duck Foot Coulters, Twin Packer, Following Harrow, 500/55R20 Floatation Tyre's, Hydraulic Brakes, Pre-Em Markers. 

Year 2011, 1125 Ha, 473 Hours, 3m Working Width, Wheel Eradicators, Hydraulic Markers, Front Leading Adjustable Leveling Boards, 2 Rows Of Disc Coulters, Following Harrow, Tyre Packer, Hydraulic Fan.  

3270ha, Year 2016, Hydraulic Fan, Tungsten Tip Auto Rest Subsoiler Leg c/w Leading Slitting Disc, Single Metering Unit, BKT 10.0/75-15.3 Wheels c/w Scrapers, Auto Reset Coulters c/w Press Wheels, Hydraulic Folding, Coulter Blockage Sensors, Hydraulic Markers, Single Bean Coulter and Duet Coulters, Following Harrow. 

Year 2013, Box Showing 643 Ha/ Ha Unknown, Hydraulic Fan, Nokian 710/35R22.5 Floatations, Radar Metering, Auto Reset Subsoiler Legs, Duck Foot Coulters, Covering Discs, Press Wheels, Front Leading Slitting Discs. 

Year 2010, 3224ha, 4m Working Width, 6 Auto Reset Low Disturbance Legs, Hydraulic Folding, Hydraulic Lift/Lower, Hydraulic Fan, Front Press Wheels, 2 Rows Disc Coulters, Rear Metal Press Rollers c/w Scrapers, Trelleborg 600/50R22.5 Floatation Tyre's, Hydraulic Bout Markers. 

Year 2011, 1397 H/a, 224 Hours, Hydraulic Auto Reset Disc Coulters c/w Press Wheels, 800/45-26.5 Floatations, Twin Metering Units, Hydraulic Push Out Wheels, Hydraulic Fan, Pre-Em Markers and Bout Markers, Radar Metering, Hydraulic Brakes, Stocks AG Slug Pelleter.

6.6m Tine Drill Tool Bar, Year 2010, Sprung Reset Tines, 4 Rows of Tine Coulters, Following Harrow, Wheel Eradicators, 26x12.00 Depth Wheels.