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New Weaving Sabre Tine 6M Drill C/w Stocks Avadex Applicator

  • Make: Weaving
  • Model: Sabre Tine Drill
  • Year: 2021

Year 2021, Unused, 4 Rows Of 12mm Low Disturbance Tines(Tungsten Tipped), Stainless Steel Adjustable Seed Tubes, 2,000L Hopper, Tank Sieve, Colour Touch Screen RDS ISOCAN Controls, GPS Forward Speed Monitoring, 26x12.00-12  Floatation wheels, Hydraulic Depth Control, Wheel Eradicators, Double Row Z Following Harrows, Half Width Shut Off, Pre Em Markers,  LED Road And Work Lights, Stocks Turbo Jet Avadex Applicator C/w 10 Spread Plates, Transport width of 3.0 Metres.